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0-sick in 5 runs

By January 10, 2012March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Last Wednesday was an interesting day. Matt had the day off work and we both got 4 passes to Copper and decided to hit the mountain. I should have checked the snow conditions before renting my equipment! I own my boots (which I bought from a bonus when someone hit my already busted ass Nissan 2 years ago. They hit my car and the cash that was handed over to avoid the insurance companies quickly translated into ski boots!) I still do not have skis and poles, so I have to rent. Anyway! There was a 23 inch base which was unbelievable because the snow base at Sandia in ABQ (which sometimes does not even open) had over 50 inches. How could that be?!

I woke up early and felt sick to my stomach and had a headache. Sometimes I feel like crap when I wake up early so I tried to write it off as that, grabbed my tote and we were off. I was having trouble shaking the feeling, even after a cappuccino. “I hope I’m not getting sick…” We got to Copper and I was disappointed but not surprised to find that we were skiing on ice with a very thin layer of powder from the snow machines. The top of the mountain wasn’t open. I was even more bummed with the way I was skiing. “I’m better than this!” I hopelessly thought as my eyes searched for Matt waiting for me at the bottom of the first run. I couldn’t get comfortable and the icy runs weren’t helping. I felt really tired and clumsy and by the 5th run, I could barely muster the strength to turn. We decided to break for lunch and the longer I sat, the worse I felt.

But I still had fun


The Ergon BX2 was a good ski pack…. I had never tried to for skiing.

Despite the poor snow, it was still a beautiful day.

I told Matt go on alone and I’d sip tea for however long he wanted to ski. He came back after about an hour and we headed home. A fever started to brew and down I crashed. Despite a flu shot, it got me. I spent the next 4-5 days immobile in my bed except to use the bathroom from severe gastric distress. The 104 fever and violent shivering where icing on the cake. As bummed as I was, I tried to see the positive. Every time I get sick, it really makes me appreciate my health. If you don’t have your health, everything changes drastically.

Today is the first day that I really feel like myself again.  I was bummed to miss some gorgeous 60F days last week and was grateful to feel the sun on my skin today.  I was grateful to be back on the bike and to be back at yoga.

Onward to more Yak Attack training!  I met with Jason at Fascat Coaching today to plan out the rest of my training leading up to my departure for Nepal.  I think I’m still in denial that is is actually happening.  AMAZING!!!!!

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