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Ball 1

By February 3, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

I am starting to feel better today, although I am still pretty tired. I am going to hop on the road bike later to see how the body is feeling. Sunday, my HR was only 110-120 for a Z2 effort. Mind you, Z2 for me is 147-159. When I have a super low heart rate, it always means something bad is up. I am hoping to see regular numbers pop up with a given effort. If not, it’s more rest. Hopefully, tomorrow I will resume training.

Here are some Sunday photos that I haven’t posted yet…


I thought 3D glasses were the kind the guy in Back to the Future wore! I love that movie…

It’s tough to pull off being GQ in 3D glasses, but Kerkove does it well.

Sunday dinner. I am a foodie. I take almost as many pics of food as I do people. That would be an Odell’s IPA.

And my new Haribo obsession. I had to give in.

The Sour Spaghetti wets my whistle!!! Sorry little gummy bears, you’ve been had.


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