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Nada Mucho on Cinco de Mayo

By May 5, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

I am having a mellow week so far (thank goodness). It’s the first week in a long time that my HR hasn’t risen at the office to that of a zone 1 ride. Not yet anyway. It is quite amazing what a profound effect that stress has on the body. So far, it’s been recovery all the way and trying to be rested and ready for the race on Saturday. Front Range 50 is coming!!

It’s been nice here with no rain or snow!! I went out for an easy spin today to see how the legs are faring.

I also spent some time today getting the Rottie and road bike all cleaned up. I have a new FS frame, but am waiting till next week to build it up. I don’t have parts yet, so I’ll have to rob them off the older Rottie frame. Road bike was a huge mess from riding in the rain.

Other haps: For those of you in the Front Range, Mr. Kerkove and I will be having a couple mountain bike clinics. Thursday at 7 PM in Boulder at Avery Brewery will be the first of our mountain bike (off the bike) clinics. Next week be 5/15 at REI Boulder at 7 PM. We are pushing to score locations in the metro area and already have some other locations. REI Denver will be the big one, and I am still waiting to hear back on that one. We look forward to seeing you there! And at Avery, you can drink beer while you learn more about mountain biking! Wowzers.


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