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2013 Training!

By January 9, 2013March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Happy New Year!

I kept it classy on NYE… down + high heels = very Boulder. Shame on me. 🙂  I hope everyone had a fun way to bring in the new year.  I got to celebrate with Matt and my friends so it was a good time!

2013 meant it was time to get down to business.  I have some lofty early season races this year.  First, I’m going to MTB Ayiti Ascent Stage Race in Haiti.  It’s only a few short weeks away.   More on that later, but it’s going to be an amazing experience with really great people and an eye opener.

A month after that, I’ll be heading back to Nepal for my second Yak Attack.   After that, I’ll take a mini break off the bike and get back to traveling for work!

This winter has been very mild and dry compared to last year’s shenanigans!  I’m very thankful for that because all my training needs to involve climbing at altitude.  Last year, it was so cold with crazy wind and snow.  This year, it’s more hit and miss.  Some days have snow, some days are sunny.

I decided to do a little documentation for you from my weekend training.  I’m hiking more this year to get ready for the Yak Attack (and for Ayiti!!  There is a section in the MTB Ayiti Race called the Soul Collector….)

I’m going to be doing hiking with weights since I can’t take my bike on most of the hiking trails in Boulder.

I filled my pack with tons of water bottles for weight. It’s a fail when you don’t screw the cap on all the way and it starts leaking all over your pants.

Bottles still freeze on rides.


I discovered Bar Mitts this year for warm hands.  I don’t know how I lived without them.

I had a little adventure on Sunday…. I intended to do a big loop with my buddy (and national champ teammate) Jon Davis.


I ended up going off on my own.  I have this curiousity that sometimes gets the best of me.  It was about 3PM when I took a side road to see where it went…and then it turned into a snowy trail that I had to hike and ride on.  And then it dead ended on a reservoir and I had to turn around and get back before it got dark.   I used to always bring a headlamp on rides, but recently stopped.  The light is going back in my pack!  I made it off the mountain before dark in the end!

Trying to keep up with Jon, and failing!

First hiking video

Heading back, racing the sun



I was happy to get in a good block of training and hiking this weekend.  After that, I hopped on a plane to Portland.  I’m here all week doing clinics and shop visits.

If you missed my clinic this week, check out my On Dirt with Sonya Looney facebook page in the future for a schedule.  I do not have one nailed down just yet, but I’m hoping to have one a month.  I’ll be updating it as sponsors sign on and I get a schedule.

Thanks for checking in!  (another resolution for 2013 is to update my website more often)

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