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This is a 2020 Gift Guide for Cyclists with 39 gifts! Most cyclists have varied interests including healthy eating, sleep, rad gear to help them have more fun and help them go faster, and products to save time.  I surveyed products I love and use on a daily basis and created this guide. Full disclosure: these are all products I regularly use and love and because of that, a few of these companies also sponsor me.

Prepare to Ride

Getting ready to ride seems to take forever.  The getting dressed part is one end of the spectrum (especially in the winter) and then we need to add in getting our bike ready to ride. What do you need to do to get your bike prepped so you’re not stuck on the trail with a mechanical?

I always check my tire pressure (super key as a mountain biker, read my guide about how to choose mountain bike tire pressure here!).  Having a good floor pump that’s easy to use and one that you don’t have to jump to put all your weight into the handle makes life smooth.  As a mountain biker, I love the Topeak Mountain X Floor Pump because it’s designed for mountain bike tire volume.  Next, I use the Digital Tire Gauge to dial it in to the exact pressure I want. On some rides, I take this light and packable gauge with me because I’ll change tire pressure if conditions have changed or are different than I thought.  (more on that in the tire pressure guide)

Next, I clean and lube my chain.  This is essential to making sure you have buttery smooth shifts and that your drivetrain lasts.  I set my bike on the Topeak Tune-Up Stand X (SUPER easy, hassle free, small) to work on the bike.  I’ve tried at least 6 different bike stands. Depending on the level of work you’re doing on the bike, opting for simple and easy is the way I like to go.  For prepping the bike, this stand is perfect.




*Baxter dog not included. 😉





If I’m driving to the trail, the Kuat NV 2.0 Hitch Rack is the way to go. I’ve tried a ton of different rack brands and I like the Kuat because I don’t second guess and worry about my bike falling off the car (how many of us have checked and double-checked!)  I also like it because it’s light and easy to install, even right out of the box.

I keep a Topeak Prep Box in my car so I can help other people at the trailhead or I have a great toolset waiting for me should an emergency come up on the trail.  I like the prep box because it has pretty much anything I would need, comes in a really nice toolbox and is easy to cart around.

Mountain bike tools


And if you want to really surprise someone and get them an awesome gift that I bet they don’t have already– check out the    TubiBooster-X!  You can get a set of tubeless tires booted up on a wheelset (or change your tires- how many of you have avoided changing your tires because you hate dealing with the tubeless mess!!).  It’s super easy- I did a YouTube Video on how to use the Tubibooster to show how frickin easy it is.  I don’t even bother with my air compressor anymore.

On the Ride

If Santa thinks you’ve been really good,  he can get you everything but the quads and watts: the whole Wahoo indoor suite – the KICKR smart trainer, the Wahoo Trainer Desk, KICKR Climb, KICKR Headwind bluetooth fan, and the trainer mat.  Or if you’re more of an outdoor rider, the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam has a color screen, GPS, and tons of functionality.

Keeping the ride fueled properly with rocket fuel is also the gift that keeps on giving!  I love the GU Energy Labs Hoppy Trails Gel (as a beer lover, this is awesome!) and also the Salted Watermelon Chews.

Because of COVID and no racing this year, I had the luxury to try out a bunch of different Maxxis Tire set-ups.  For really technical and wet weather riding, I loved the Assegai and Minion DHR II combo.  I also enjoyed testing the Aspen 2.4!  The gift of sticky rubber for the crazy wet techy days or the fast-rolling XC tires is an amazing thing to open!  If you are wondering about how to pick a tire, I wrote the ultimate guide to choosing the right tire to help you out!

And since we are talking about getting wet and rowdy on the bike, having the right clothing makes a HUGE difference. I did a lot of riding in 32-40F and rain this November.  I couldn’t have done it without the 7Mesh Revo Waterproof baggies and 7Mesh Copilot jacket. Shhh, I bought both of these for my husband for Christmas this year!

Last- adding to the flare and if you want to support my small business- check out the most hilarious socks to inspire your ride at Moxy & Grit!

Favorites this year have been the high vis Do Epic Shit socks and the Tasty Taco socks!



Yes, please send espresso.  This is a really nice gift, but it is WORTH it!!!  I absolutely love my Rocket Appartamento Espresso machine and because of it, I basically never go out for coffee!  My favorite beans are from smaller coffee roasters. In the USA, I love Blue Star Coffee out of Twisp, WA (been there!) and in Canada? Milano Parisian out of Vancouver.  The coffee mugs in constant rotation at our casa are the Bodum double-walled coffee cups to keep your coffee warm for longer (reheated espresso/americano just isn’t as good).  I also love the clear cup so I can see my beautiful bean juice.


If you want to give the gift of a fine beer drinking experience, I love Spiegelau IPA or Stout glasses.  We use the IPA ones the most. 😉  They are designed to allow the right amount of carbonation to escape and for the smell of the beer to envelop your senses.  Plus, a rad glass is pretty awesome.

Something I can’t live without is our Shun knife. There are tons of different models, but it’s a super sharp Japanese kitchen knife and one we’ve gifted to many family members.  If you or your giftee likes cooking and does a lot of chopping, get them this.  It’s basically one of the best gifts ever.

Did I say cooking? What about cookbooks?  There are so many that I love – these ones are all plant-based:

Anything from OhSheGlows (this one is still my favorite).  Anything from Chef Chloe- get them the Vegan Italian Kitchen– so many delicious sauces and recipes, so little time!  And if you want to support me- get my own personal Plant Powered Academy cookbook– simple, easy recipes and this baby is digital (and ecookbook).

Software – Gimme Apps!

Oh boy, there so many good ones.

Gift the gift of speed and fitness with TrainerRoad – my favorite app for indoor (and outdoor) training!

Meditation? Yes –TenPercentHappier!  I’ve had numerous meditation instructors and scientists from this app on my podcast. I love the variety and the learning videos.

The gift of reading, errrrr listening.  People ask me how I read so many books per year. I listen to a lot of them on Audible.  An Audible giftcard is pretty rad.

Buried in email?  Get the Sanebox email plug-in.  I use it, they’ve been a podcast sponsor. Basically it’s a trainable and awesome filter into different folders so only the most important emails show up on the front page of your inbox.

Last app I use on the regular is the Noisli sound machine app. And it’s only $7. You can mix and match different sounds. I use it for sleeping and plane rides.  It’s free to try it out.

Other Stuff

Fix my bike!!  Please, someone.  If I had a magical creature in my garage that kept my bike perfectly tuned and happy on the daily, I’d have an even bigger smile.  Giving the gift of bike labor is an amazing gift and protects the neighbors ears from swearwords if you don’t like working on your own bike.  Check out Velofix(they come to you) or a bike shop gift card to your local shop!

I recently got a new bluetooth keyboard and got the Logitech K380 Keyboard.  It can connect to 3 different devices (I even use it with my phone) and is easy to use.

I have to give ShredGirls a shoutout- a middle grade read for kiddos who love cycling.  Check out the series and listen to the podcast I recorded with the awesome author, Molly Hurford.  Or you can pick up her and her husband, Peter Glassford’s latest book: Becoming a Consummate Athlete.

Last but not least- give the gift of learning about health with Inside Tracker.  They are a company that takes bloodwork to the next level testing over 30 biomarkers with optimized levels for performance- and they give you supplement and nutrition recommendations to improve.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!!

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