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I figured I’d write a quick post while sipping this new coffee I’m trying today. It’s called Garuda but I have not decided if I like it or not. I am sort of a bean neophyte and pretty much drink what Nina tells me is good. 🙂 I decided that instead of getting Sumatra, old faithful, I’d be a little more adventurous. When I’m busting out some LT intervals in a hour, I guess I really won’t care. 😉

This weekend will be try numbre dos at racing since my season died. Snowmass Mountain States Cup. Snowmass is one of those courses I have done every year I have raced bikes, and sometimes twice when it was a national. I have had MANY ups and downs there… including getting lost in the woods walking back b/c I double flatted out of the race (2 years ago), riding up the climb in a national realizing I was climbing with the best of them, camping in a paintball field in the freezing cold, sleeping in various packed condos, staying at houses down in the valley with groups of friends, and of course, who can forget the Snowmass finals party in 2006… it’s a good place. I love it. The riding is unbeatable too. I wouldn’t miss this race for the world (unless I was in Hawaii like last year. 😉 )

My tailbone is getting better, finally. I can stand up and pedal with no pain, and pedal seated up climbs without having to be limited in movement. It makes a difference I’m almost off of naproxen/ibuprofen..still taking it a little bit. It’s going to take another couple weeks for the anemia to subside, but things are on the mend and I’m doing my best to stay in good spirits about it all.

I’m going to miss my Cannondale gals at the NY Norba National this weekend. New venue…so it’ll be interesting.

My Scalpel is calling me, “psssst! Sonya! time to go ride! Seriously!” I gotta go!

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