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John Salley is a true champion: with a 15-year career in the NBA and 4 Championship titles on 3 different teams, he has accomplished a great deal in his athletic career. What makes John Salley tick? What does he stand for now?  He started down a path of wellness at the age of 27.  Over time, he transitioned to a plant-based diet and found a huge advantage with his fitness, health and performance. Not only that, he attributes his diet to better mental clarity both in the game and in his businesses.  John retired from basketball at the age 36, but that was only the beginning of a new chapter.  He is a father to vegan children, and is an actor, entrepreneur, talk show host, philanthropist, wellness advocate.  He thinks that striving to always be better, to grow, and to have high standards for yourself and your family is what makes you a champion in life.  In this episode, we talk about what he learned about teamwork and how that can be applied in business, his journey to wellness and being a vegan, his views on how powerful and important it is to adopt both a vegan diet and lifestyle, raising vegan children, and the tools John uses to stay fit, healthy and feeling strong at the age of 54.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • John Salley’s thoughts on cannabis
  • the best lesson from playing on Championship teams
  • John Salley’s journey of transitioning his diet to plant-based, starting at age 27
  • Supplements John uses
  • John Salley and Masculinity
  • What it was like to retire from basketball
  • The key to building a good team as an entrepreneur
  • Skeptical about a vegan diet?  John Salley’s opinion
  • John Salley’s daily workout routine

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