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70 to snow.

By March 7, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

I enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted….and it will be back soon. The sun was out and the skies were blue when I left for my ride this AM. It was still chilly out, but I was overdressed. I ended up shedding a layer and tying my warm, waterproof Endura Stealth jacket around my waist like someone from the 80s.

The plan today was to do some 15 minute LT intervals. I headed up Lee Hill and was going to continue on to Ward. The first interval definitely hurt. I was drooling and sweat was dripping like a bad, leaky faucet. It was particularly salty and dank today.

Picture 1

My Avg Power was 233 at my LT HR (185).  That is a huge improvement from last year.  It was around 220 in August 08. Sweet.  I had no more mojo left after interval number 1.  My legs were dead.  It was much easier to ride at LT for a long time on Wed. Hmm.  I kept heading up the canyon…. the sun disappeared.  Things got foggy, the temp dropped, and then….

Big snowflakes.

“Ooooo….. snow.”

My legs weren’t coming around and I was getting pretty cold, so I decided to pull the rip cord and go home.

I have been seeing some great adaptations from last year.  Due to my huge base thanks to the knowledge of CPT and Rick da Man, I am able to handle bigger training weeks. 12-15 hours used to be all I could handle. Now it’s more like 15-20 hours a week. I also am riding with more power on the mountain bike. Based on my ride this week at Hall Ranch, I could tell. I used to use my granny gear to get up the technical climb. This year, I am able to do it in my middle ring and survive ok. Those low RPM power intervals I did during base really helped.

Riding some trails tomorrow. Yipee!


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