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Training in Fort Collins

By December 10, 2008March 22nd, 20176 Comments

I got to have a change of scenery today and ride up in Fort Fun. I am still doing zone 2 rides and low RPM intervals. The chosen route of the day was toward and up part of Rist Canyon. I sadly did not have enough time to get to the top and have yet to see it!!

The roads in town were nice and dry, and it was about 40F outside.

PC105131 Not a cloud in the sky…

PC105133Jeff had an extra team jacket laying around that I wore today.

Once I got to the canyon, roads were covered in snow so I was glad to have my mountain bike.

And some low RPMs

I didn’t see many people out, but I ran into Amanda raging up the canyon.

Here is a pic from Sunday’s ride that I forgot to post that is pretty!


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