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80 to snow….

By April 7, 20085 Comments

That’s right.  I woke up this morning, woke being such a strong word, and snow is falling from the sky.  I’m so not loving Colorado right now, but hopefully all this cold white stuff that manages to chase me every single freaking week will make for a gorgeous summer.  I say “woke” because I forgot that feeling Monday morning after a weekend of hard racing.  You know, like you’re in a cartoon, you’ve been hit by a bus and you’re this melting pancake on the asphalt..and you somehow have to peel yourself off the ground and re-inflate back to normal.  My last name is Looney.  I’m allowed to use the cartoon analogy.

Oh, and it looks like I’m in the doucheblog finals and it looks like I’m going down.  If I were someone who didn’t know me, I wouldn’t vote for me.  I don’t have any model pictures, happily airbrushed and perfectly posed.  I would say every picture on there is taken from a party or a vacation.  Who knows, maybe I don’t need a professional half naked photo to win?  Rochelle can have it. 🙂  She deserves it!

Today is back to work, but first I need a latte AND a burrito the size of my head….


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