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2020 was a crazy year for everyone. Having a baby during a global pandemic was also pretty interesting.  2020 isn’t only the year of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and the biggest voter turnout in the USA- it was the year I had my first child.  Even though this year had its challenges, there were a lot of positive things I pulled out of this year, and having a baby really helped me along the way.  I hope you enjoy! 

  1. Self-compassion.  Check out Sharon Salzberg
  2. That I have a lot to continue learning- Black Lives Matter.  Listen to the Finding Mastery podcast episode I mentioned! 
  3. Learning to let go
  4. Facing the fear of what if I don’t accomplish because I can’t work around the clock and then realizing I can still accomplish a lot with way less time. The rate of accomplishment doesn’t matter as much as I thought. Reinforcement that getting the thing isn’t what makes you happy, it’s the work.
  5. Start where you are, accept where you are with your given inputs.
  6. Having a baby adds a new dynamic with family
  7. I’m even more grateful for my husband
  8. I am maternal and I love being a mom way more than I thought
  9. I’m at my worst when I’m comparing myself to others


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