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A Beautiful Thing.

By December 17, 2006No Comments

I didn’t use my calculator ONCE this semester. In fact, it doesn’t even have batteries. In previous semesters, that thing was pretty much implanted on the surface of my body. YES!

In other ground-breaking news, I got offered an RA appointment(stipend+tuition) in the Neurophysiology dept. It’s supposedly 15 hours a week, although I know it will be more time than that(which is ok). And I will keep my job at Xcel and work 5hrs/week during school, and more in the summer. Big thanks to my boss at Xcel, Chris, for being so flexible and laid-back. thank you, thank you!

I’ll be done with finals tomorrow and am flying home Wed. Can’t wait! Lots of good times with family and friends, training, good food. yaaaay!

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