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A couple NYC pics…stories later

By June 20, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Just finished watching Coach Carter…such a good movie. Now I am going to bed. I will write some other day, but I know you probably like looking at photos rather than reading my chatter, so here ya go.

At Long Beach Island in New Jersey. It was too cold for the beach!! I dug this big hole with a seashell. I guess I’m a little boy at heart? That’s kind of scary…

I am so stubborn and I got in the water, up to my neck. It was FREEEZING, but oh well! It was fun, and I got to play in the waves. It was just me and the little kids out there. There were people fishing and they were so irresponsible. Their line seriously was like 2 ft away from me. They just let it drift far away and let it get that close. They needed Adam’s dad out there to show them wassup.

Sonya, Lara, Anna. Lara is the friend in NYC who I’ve known since I was 1. Anna was my best friend in high school and is living in NJ for the summer. It was so cool we could all hang out together. We took this at a cool bar called Zansibar which is African style. It had all these different themed rooms….and 6 dollar beers. I missed my cheap and delicious Colorado microbrews.

Lara and I went to Central Park and rented a row boat for an hour. I am sooo not New York with my sporty Smith glasses….and let me say, thank GOD! 😉

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