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A few Leadville pics

By August 15, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

My teammate, Alban Lakata (2010 Marathon World Champion) flew over from Austria to do his first Leadville 100. After only a few days at altitude, he set out to do the race with Dave, Jeff, and I as his support crew. Yukialso came from Tokyo to race Leadville for the 4th time!

It was my first time going to the event and it was very different playing support crew. I stood in the crowd as a bunch of my friends and fellow racers were on the other side of the start line, and there were volunteers ensuring that the spectators couldn’t go in so I was bummed I couldn’t go give high fives to my friends in the front row!

I was very very nervous to hand Alban his bottles!!! I got so pumped with adrenaline I’d be shaking after. Mess up the feed of someone who is riding in the front and there are consequences! I suddenly felt a much greater appreciation when people help support me!

Here are a few great pics from my time at Leadville.

I got to *try* to ride with Alban. His tempo pace was faster than my super redline, so I didn’t stay with him long!

Jeff hung back on the ride so I didn’t get lost!


Yuki’s gf, Junko cooked us Japanese curry!!!

Dave giving Alban the course beta

Race day pics

Alban at the finish. He took second. I like this photo because it’s dramatic.

Alban, post race interview.

Top 3 men… Todd Wells, Alban Lakata, and Alex Grant (one of my favorite people to see at a race)

There you have it!! Bed time!

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