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A few thoughts…

By November 11, 2006No Comments

Since I’ve been pushing my body pretty hard for the last month or so, I decided that maybe I should take a weekend off from racing, especially because everything hurts!! School has been crazy the past couple weeks and I’m really looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving break in a week! I haven’t been back to Albuquerque since May, so it’ll be nice. Plus, I’m getting too soft- gotta have a taste of the ghetto. I’ve been homesick for the unrelenting sunshine, Sandia mountains, my friends, and of course—the LOONEY FAM!

I have a meeting this week with a professor in the integrative physiology department. With a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I really would like to pursue a PhD in biomedical engineering. I can still stay in the electrical engineering department, but can do research in another department. Ideally, I’d be doing research under the guidance of a professor in the integrative physiology dept. I won’t finish my MSEE until Dec 07, so I have some time. It would be good to get started on research ASAP though, plus my school would be paid for meaning less student debt!

I’ve also been feeling really restless lately. I have gotten kind of addicted to traveling and am now feeling like I need to go somewhere outside the US. The three weeks I spent in Europe last summer were absolutely incredible and I would love to go back, or even go to Asia. I think Asia would really be an experience. Hmmm…there is a world cup I’d love to go to in Switzerland…pesky UCI points! Too bad I don’t have any money… I always keep my eye out for supercheap deals. I also toy with the idea of just picking up and moving to Europe for a year just to get the experience. Maybe I can do my postdoc there or something…or maybe if I decide to bag the PhD, I can get a job in Europe. It’s hard when I want to be a bike racer…so much going on and so little time and cash! so many dreams!

Now for a funny story– so as you know, I go out and inspect the power lines/transformers when someone has a power outage. Sometimes this involves me going in peoples’ backyards. I was in Niwot, CO in the middle of nowhere and I had to go in this one backyard. I approached the house and saw various lawn ornaments- almost trailer park style- and a huge fish lure mailbox. I knew it’d be interesting. I walked up to the house and tons of cats were running around, one who was 22 that I found out later. I knocked on the glass door which was open and the TV was on. No answer. I knocked again and suddenly this woman who was in her late 40s, extremely skinny, and had one too many fake tans (she looked like a CARROT) answered the door…. in her BRA. Yes. Yes indeed. She was mad that I had to go in her backyard b/c she had to tie the dogs up. After arguing with her for a moment, she disappeard. When she came back, I thought surely she’d be clothed. Nope…I was wrong. If you want to see a carrot in a bra, let me know and I’ll give you the address.

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