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A fun post

By July 13, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Yes, I have been having fun lately. I’m not afraid to admit it!! I went to Southern Sun the other night and to enjoy some delicious microbrews (made by So. Sun). They make a delicious Java Porter and also many very satisfying stouts. We came home and had to watch Borat because we needed new quotes. We tried to be neighborly and invite our neighbor, but he was too intimidated. Sucka!

Hmmm. I picked the onions off my salad. I was required to do something interesting with them.

Me, Liz, Allison. We laugh a lot. My favorite kind of people.

brian came over and was subjected to our intoxication.

me and Liz. She was dressed appropriately for the Sun with the hippie hair thingie.

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