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a little more about the cruise…

By June 21, 2005No Comments

Ok, so I am tired of telling people about the cruise so chances are that if you are important to me, you’ve heard something about it!! 😉 I’ll briefly tell you about the other two places.

St. Marteen: This island is half French and half Dutch and it looks like Northern New Mexico(oddly enough!) My dad and I did an excursion here together. It was called the “Loterie Farm Treetop Adventure.” We got to swing from the trees and down zip lines in the rain forest. It actually was fun, but not worth the money. The best part was that the workers were begging for tips at the end. They were totally laying on the guilt trip, saying this guy dropped out of school and to do everything you can to help him, blah blah blah. And ultimately, we got back on the bus and we saw the same guy getting into a brand new red Mercedes. The people in general on this island were pretty rude!!!

Bahamas: The Bahamas… ah yes. We got off the ship into pure chaos of herds of cattle, er, people, blindly wandering around looking for their excursion guide. There were these huge men screaming in burly voices the name of the excursions until everyone got organized. We took a ferry to a coral reef and went snorkeling. Well, before the ferry left, there was this big, fat, pink redneck guy who was having a fit b/c his family wasn’t there yet. They finally showed up and he started freaking out and yelling at his family at the top of his lungs in front of everyone. Of course, I had to be the one sitting next to him. He was acting like such a baby and his daughters fiancee and him almost got into a huge fight. they had their fists up and the fiancee was yelling, “I have NO respect for you!” It was exciting!! It’s funny to watch rednecks fight. YEAH! Maybe they’ll kill each other and there will be two less Bush supporters in the world!!!! 🙂 The whole way to the reef, fat redneck man had his arms crossed like a 2 yr old. The reef was cool, lots of neat fish. The water was choppy from the tropical storm and someone saw a 4 ft shark. I wish I saw it! On the way back to the ship, this guy all of a sudden started walking next to me, trying to git it.. I was NOT wearing any revealing clothes, just a tee shirt walking along. This guy starts striding beside me yelling, “your breasts are beautiful! Wow! Look at them! Are they real?” and repeating himself over and over. “You come back at 9 o’clock. I will buy you a drink and you will not refuse,” insisted sthe extremely annoying creature . I sped up and was walking pretty fast, but he would not go away. After a few minutes, i finally looked at him and started waving in his face and saying, “buh bye……. buh bye……” until his nasty ass retreated. Damn! I went into a shop moments later and this other guy looked me up and down and said, “Wooooowwww.” GOD! Have some freaking tact! At this point in the cruise, I had had it with idiotic guys. what does he think? I’m going to rip off my clothes and do him right there? JEEEZ!!! After that, I hightailed it back to the ship. I was so sick of that shite!

I may write more about the cruise in a month or so when I get back from Europe! YEAH! I actually have a notebook with the funnier highlights from just chilling on the ship, and there are quite a few good stories. I leave for Europe tomorrow for 3 weeks. I’m going to Paris, Hungary, and Italy. It should be a GREAT time! It’ll be nice to get away from doing nothing at work! 😉 ha My wrist is getting better… I actually rode this morning. Yep, got up at 5:30 AM. It was actually nice since it wasn’t a million degrees out. And yes, if you are wondering, chode man was out at 6 AM. I was chilling, enjoying the morning and this guy has to try and pass me in his freakin’ aerobars. He went by, bobbing up and down, glancing back occasionally. Whatever. Gimme a break…I can’t get away from these guys…not even at 6 in the morning. I am looking forward to my trip, but also looking forward to getting back and TRAINING and RACING again. Seriously, this season has been a total crap shoot with me busting my knee, traveling, fracturing my wrist, and then traveling again. Next year it’s on. those bitches better enjoy their time now b/c it’s all over for them!!!!

I found a place in Boulder. That place really is freaking ridiculous. Standard price for a 1 bedroom is 600-800/ mo…and that is for a hole in the wall. I saw a ton of 470 sq ft apartments for 600!!!! DAMN. I found one that is a little older, but it’s 560 sq ft for 550/mo. The big move is Aug 17. Should be cool,but a HUGE change. Change is good, right? I am looking forward to living in a community that is all about cycling. SWEET.

I’ll see you guys in 3 weeks. Hopefully I will be a little more cultured when I get back instead of a guarded American. ha!

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