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A little time off…

By June 17, 2008No Comments

from writing on my website. Don’t fret, it’s only 5 or 6 days so come back later. Reason number 1 is I’m finally taking my laptop back to the Apple store to get fixed. The DVD drive is all messed up, so they need to ship it out. Yes, I am a self-righteous mac user. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 😉 I should get that back around Tues next week. Reason number 2 South Mineral Campground The Looney summer camping trip.  It’s always a blast, and this is my favorite spot on earth (that I have been to so far anyway)  There will be lots of scenic pics to come.  I have gone there every single year of my life, so all the pics start to look the same except I keep getting older…but I never stop taking photos. 🙂  If you are ever around Silverton/Durango, at least go there for a picnic.  I’d live there all summer in my tent if I could swing it… or more preferably, in a van, down by the river!

It’s been hot here, but I am actually really enjoying it. It feels good to have hot air instead of biting, freezing wind ripping through you. I’ll be sick of it in a matter of days, but for the moment…I can enjoy it.  Next weekend is Deer Valley National, so I’m really excited for that.  I love the course, and hopefully I won’t be slogging through it.  I should feel good- Coach Sean has been doing me well.

I think that is all my news for today.  Hopefully I’ll have many an adventure to tell you about next week!! 🙂

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