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A Looney Thanksgiving

By November 28, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I went home last week and it was a lot of fun. I got home Monday night (Jack and I drove). In a nutshell, lots of good times, good food, lots of drinking,, and fabulous company. The Looney side of the family definitely can party me under the table any day although that really isn’t saying much! 😉 They successfully got me to drink just about every day of the break…now I’m in detox. 😉

The essence of the break

To paint the picture of my Thanksgiving, over the course of the week, I’d say we’d consumed more than 5 bottles of champagne, many cosmos, beer, wine, and margaritas. And we were even missing some of the Looneys… golly! I got to see my cousin and her parents( MY FAVORITE RELATIVES) which was a real treat. My cousin and I managed to stay out of trouble this time…well relatively out of trouble which is phenomenal. I know you’re dying for some photos, so here you go.

G&G….now there’s a couple of turkeys!

…and there’s a couple of trouble makers! errrr twins?

Look! It’s the cosmo fairy… sHE sure looks like my dad.

My mom got the dancing started! Figures…

me with the Dean family (they are Looneys too)

Shake it baby! (from Duke Nukem…) Yeah, my dad does it RIGHT!

Me and cuz have a great time.



Good things to come back to Boulder for…

We are in the final push of the semester meaning I have LOTS to do…projects, finals, blah. It’ll make me appreciate having a break that much more. It’s been a great semester though… to take classes I actually care about and find interesting. In fact, I had a meeting today with a professor in Physiology and it’s looking like he’s going to put me in his PhD program…we just have to wait and hear back from the funding person (who is conveniently out of town!). I’m really really excited about this and I hope it works out. I’m going to start training again in the next couple of days too. I’m looking forward to it because I feel like a slug!

Thank you family for being soooo fun! 🙂

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