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A nice break (now with photos)

By January 3, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

The site of these Sandia Mountains is the site of home. Sandia means watermelon, can you tell why?

It’s been wonderful being home for the past 2 weeks. The first week at home, I was still frazzled from the end of my semester, so I spent a lot of quality time with my family and the rest of the time riding my bike. My goal was to do two 18 hour weeks of training while I was here, but that didn’t work out! I got one solid week in and then the mother nature put her foot down and didn’t want me to do any riding this week. There is still a ton of snow outside, the bike paths are a mess, and some residential streets are still super icy(like mine!). It’s really amazing how quickly I forget how tired training makes a person! I was ready for bed by 9 PM the entire week I was putting in the miles. I haven’t done too much serious riding since the summer. I didn’t really train for cross, hence my embarassing results. 🙂 I feel refreshed and really motivated to train. There was tons of snow in Boulder too, and I actually said to Brian, “you’re so lucky you can ride the TRAINER!” It’s times of desperation when I’m actually jealous someone is riding on a trainer inside. I even rode the stupid exercise bike for 2 hours at the gym Sunday. I don’t want to do that for awhile! I can’t wait to get back on the bike, get my NEW mountain bike that’s coming, and tear up some singletrack!

Record breaking weather in in the querque.

Coming home means I get spoiled with all this gooood food. That’s what I’m talking about! Nice break from tofu and pasta 🙂

This week, I’ve been trying to run and hike in the snow. I feel more like I’m doing the Riverdance when I go running. Oh well! It makes me laugh anyway.

This is before we got the second foot of snow.

This photo reminds me of candyland.

Xmas roses.

I made my biggest snowman ever…err..bunny?


errr…the scariest thing you’ve ever seen!

Snow ball fiiiiggghhht! I had to show my little brother how it’s done.


What’s up now?

I’ve gotten to see some of my friends this week. The weather made me housebound for a few days, so it’s been good to get out! I really miss my friends from my past. Most of them moved away from here too, so it’s always a wonderful reunion when I come back home. It was great to see you guys! I go back home on Sunday, so hopefully more fun is to be had! I miss my “other” family” in Boulder too– my friends and boyfriend. See you guys soon!

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