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A real post!

By September 6, 2007No Comments

Ok, okay…I know I can’t appease you with photos forever (haha, or maybe I can?!). I decided I am ready for an off-season. For the past 4 years I have been racing bikes, I have always raced collegiate or cross, and taken it seriously. Finally I need a break. I’m loving doing my other sports that I miss so much during the spring/summer. It’s also wonderful to be able to drink a couple beers and not worry about the consequences on my sleep, training, or performance.

So other than not riding my bike, this is what I’ve been up to:

Trail running! Yaaay, time for new trail shoes too. I’m looking for a half marathon to run next month. I used to race(running) and I’m missing it. I wouldn’t do it for a good time, just for the hell of it.

Partying on the weekend and enjoying drinks with my dinner. Yeah! You got. I can’t wait till beer:30 today. Good times.

Sunflower Solar: I love this place! The people are so fun and the work lets me use my creative side (Sketch-up).

TA-ing Circuits 2. It’s still intimidating, but I feel better about the whole thing. I have a class of 11 or 12 undergraduate boys. Nothing I can’t handle. 😉 It’s a good review, but man, it feels like eons ago that I took it. Karni, UNM, 5 years ago. Did that actually happen?

School: My leadership and management class is actually quite valuable. I was snickering about it when signing up, but it will actually be one of the most useful classes I will take. I was signed up for Abnormal Psych ( a pre-rq for PA school) but I had to drop it. It was total B.S. If you are in the “grad school,” you get charged grad prices for all classes, even undergrad ones. Pay 1500 for undergrad psych, I think not!

Personal Training; yeah…dragging my feet on the cert. IT’s a lot of studying, but I’ll get there. 🙂 I am still going for it.

Still pretty busy, but damn happy. 🙂

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