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About to pop my hundie cherry

By January 25, 20098 Comments

Well. The day has arrived. The longest distance I have ridden my mountain bike is 65 miles. I have ridden 100 on my road bike, but that is a whole different ball game. It’s WAY faster, there aren’t rocks, and you don’t have to carry a 20lb pack.

Today at Camp Lynda, 100 miles is on deck. Thankfully I have Mr. Kerkove around to help me at least prepare my things.

I am taking my Ergon BD2, and it’s packed full. I spent about an hour last night pacing the hotel room, trying to figure out exactly how much to bring. What did I pack? Well, it’s going to be partly cloudy and around 50 degrees today, so while water is necessary, I am not super worried about running out. If it were 75+, I’d be trying to figure ways to strap bladders to my bike.

So- in my BD2:

70 oz bladder
additional 70 oz bladder with about 40 oz of water in it
1 Gortex rain jacket
Electrolyte capsules
Assorted Topeak tools(multi, pump) and tubes
iodine tablets
a bit of Kinesio tape
a bit of moleskin
some bandaids
extra gloves
some extra chamois creme for main-TAINT-ence
1 rice krispie treat
1 turkey beef jerky stick
1 Larabar
1 headlamp
1 peanut butter sandwich

In addition, I have my mountain feedbag that I posted about. What is in there?

1 Starbucks coffee/energy drink for about mile 60-70
Haribo bears
1 Larabar
1 Payday
another rice krispie treat
3 Gu Mint Chocolate Gels


Topeak seat bag with:

a tube (so I have 2 tubes)
tire levers
patch kit

On bike:
2 concentrated bottles of cytomax

I have a lot of food along for me and whoever else may need it. I am finicky about eating on the bike, so having options is good.

Ounces of water: 160
Ounces of energy drink: 16 oz
Total calories packed: ~ 2700. I see myself consuming ~1500

I have no doubt that I can ride 100 miles, especially after the 300+ mile weeks I was doing last month. The challenge today is that I have 70 miles of relatively tough mountain biking compounded into my legs, and I have done more intensity in the last 2 days than I have from October-January combined. I am feeling it, but you don’t go out and ride hard for 100 miles.

We’ll see how I fare…


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