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Ahhh, pimpin at the Hampton Inn

By July 28, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I got up at 5:30AM and got a whopping 6 hours of sleep last night. The bus to the airport was an igloo and I was curled up in a ball trying to sleep the whole way there. The flights were both very interesting. The first flight consisted of a VERY anal flight attendant who didn’t even want us to have our water bottle or magazines in the seat pouched on take off. Mmmm…kay. Couple that with 7 screaming children in the consecutive rows behind me, and an especially bratty girl kicking the back of my seat for 2 hours and you have the perfect flight. Believe it or not, i still managed to sleep for about 45 minutes. The next flight was on an 18 person seater plane-the smallest I have ever seen. It was a single seat row, but with a 3 seater across the back. Most people were so “wide” that they had to walk sideways through the rows to get through. I was supposed to sit in the back with an extremely large ‘gentleman’ who took up more than 2 seats and was smashing me. Forunately there was a single seat open so I moved. That was the smallest, stuffiest plane I have EVER been on. We got out of the plane and was bombarded with a HUGE wall of heat and humidity. It was a bit of a shock to think that we’d be breathing in that thick fog of air the next day during the race.

So when you google my name, this is the first thing that comes up and the guy actually knew who I was. He mentioned Shonny, Georgia Gould, and then all of a sudden Sonya Looney. Proud day for me. bahaha. He called me the NM expatriot. Nice! The pic is from Deer Valley

Look at this sweet shirt.

Our star team member, Lisa Matlock.

Discussing tactics over lunch… Janice, Lynn, Chris, Lisa

We start tomorrow at 10 AM. It’ll be hot and humid. Yahoo. It was 95 today. The race goes from 10 AM Sat to 10 AM Sunday. wish us luck! We’re going for the stars and bars!

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