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ALERT! REI Mountain Bike Kliniks in Boulder and Fort Collins!

By May 13, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Come one, come all! Das Kliniks!


Come on out and heckle Jeff and I at REI! We’d love to see you there!!! REI Klinik at the Denver store in the works…


  • Sweet says:

    Nice, my stalking mode goes into stage 2. I will be wearing a white shirt and between 5 ft 5 and 6 ft 2, from 110 to 185 lbs. I will smile, it will be creepy. I will ask creepy questions, like “so do you like this part?” Feel free to knock me out. 🙂

  • sonya says:

    oooooo, sounds naughty. I am looking forward to it! 😀

  • YES!! says:

    I ordered a pizza, you delivered. You were wearing a white shirt, and accidently spilled water on it, …….. bow, bow, chikky bow bow….

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