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By November 19, 2009March 22nd, 201710 Comments

That’s the beauty of endurance sports. They make you feel alive… Seeing breathtaking views make ME happy to be alive and glad that I do what I do… and I love the sense of accomplishment after each ride. Knowing that I am healthy, and able to conquer the mountain – that gives me confidence that trickles into other aspects of my life.

Eddie Vedder rules…but I don’t know about his hairdo. 🙂

Most of the road wasn’t snow covered, but it looks so much cooler and more dramatic than a picture of a dirt road, or of pavement!

Gold Hill 11/19
I got out pretty early on the bike today, so descending was a little tricky. There were spots that were sheets of ice (but the ice wasn’t super slippery). It was enough to keep my attention, and for me to slow way down. At least going downhill slower means it won’t be as cold!

Gold Hill 11/19
I brought my pack today to add extra weight, and so I could bring as many clothes as I wanted. Keep an eye out for a post on must have winter clothing items vs. nice accessory items. When I moved to CO, all I had was a wind vest, arm warmers, semi-warm gloves, and leg warmers…I got by. Just in the last year, I have started outfitting myself with nicer winter gear. It makes a world of difference and is worth the $.

Gold Hill 11/19
I wish the snowcapped mountains were more visible in this picture. The Continental Divide looks amazing!

No riding tomorrow, but I will get to do my old running route (back when I was a runner racer in ABQ) tomorrow!!! That’s right, I get to go home tomorrow and see my friends and family in NM, and ride with my buddy(she helped get me into cycling and was a big influence), Nina!


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