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Allegra Stein is all about moving the needle so that people take action on their ideas.  She understands that it’s scary and exciting to get started, so much so that she coined her own term “terrexcitifying!”  Allegra loves the blank whiteboard- a place you can talk and write out your ideas to create continuity and clarity.  She specializes in supporting women to get out of their own way to take action on their big idea, or even help them figure out what their next direction should be.  Don’t worry, if you’re a guy, there’s a lot of value in this show as her knowledge extends past gender !  Allegra herself has had an interesting life from traveling in Nepal to serving in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria to teaching science in New York.  The path has lead her to coaching.  We talk about the three tools she uses in her job (a mirror, a flashlight, and pom poms), how microactions lead to bigger actions, how to make a decision, and how to deal with overwhelm.  Allegra has some brilliant metaphors to help you see the forest from the trees, to create more calmness in your day, and to give you more clarity amongst the superhighway of thoughts in our brain.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Mirror, Flashlight, and Pom Poms
  • life coach vs therapist
  • microaction
  • how to make a decision
  • travel
  • how to deal with overwhelm

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