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Almost home… and home free

By November 14, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Yep! I am really excited about going home on Saturday. I haven’t been back to the ‘Querque since May and all my friends, family, and sweet singletrack is waiting for me! My aunt, uncle, cousin, and her husband are coming from Arizona (to my grandparents) for Thanksgiving. I don’t get to see them all that much, so it will be nice. I really miss not having my family around, especially during tough times. Me and Jack are heading down and we usually have fun. Last time we were ranking high schools in Albuquerque based on the ghetto-ness and how much street cred you get by going there.

…and home free in THREE (well four) weeks. Three weeks of classes and no more electrical engineering graduate school. I cannot wait. Never ever again will I have to take any of those classes and suffer. Then I can focus more on suffering on the bike. 🙂 MSEE in December, then working part time at Sunflower Solar and racing in the spring. I think I’ll finish up my NSCA personal trainer certification stuff over the winter too and get that up and running. I’ll finally have time!

Another note. Life never ceases to surprise me. I guess that’s what makes it interesting, but my optimism about the good in people was seemingly fading. I think it’s coming back. We all just want to feel special,understand one another, and do things that make both us and others around us happy. That’s all it is.

My dad.

I couldn’t help but put a photo of my favorite place in the world. My family and I have come here every year since I was 1. Photos of the San Juans that are a familiar site in my dreams and every June always bring me peace and happiness.

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