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What Habit Is Your Anchor to Healthy Living?

By September 8, 2020May 30th, 2023No Comments

This is kind of a random way to go about this topic, but I’m sure if you have kids, you KNOW that keeping a tidy house is challenging. Heck, I admit it’s challenging for me without a baby at home!  I’ve been trying to pay attention to the one thing that tends to unravel it all.  For us, it’s not unloading the dishwasher. It’s really hard to unload it when Bradley is awake because I like to hold him or be engaging with him.  If the dishwasher doesn’t get unloaded, dishes pile up during the day. And when dishes pile up during the day, it seems like entropy takes over and our entire house starts trending toward disorder.

So for health- what is your keystone habit that causes things to unravel?  Is it missing a workout? Is it skipping meal prep? Is it having too many good beers in the fridge?  I encourage you to pay attention to how you feel when things are going well and what specifically is helping you along that path. What disrupts it?  For us, the most important thing is food prep and having meals ready to go in the fridge. Another one is going to bed earlier.  For some people, it may be your workouts.  I notice that i get panicky if there’s no food to eat and ordering takeout isn’t healthy  and it’s expensive.

If you can identify your keystone habit for health, it’ll help put all the other pieces in place to help you maintain momentum in the direction you want to go.  I type this as my husband, Matt is vigorously preparing 3 meals tonight while I work and Bradley is in bed for the night. Thanks Matt!  Go team! 

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