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Let’s see…where am I? What was the last thing I told you? It’s already Thursday? I woke up in the San Juans and left just a few days ago? What? I have nationals on Sunday, a test Tuesday, fly to Oregon on Tuesday for a week for work, and am racing the Cascade CreamPuff 100 next weekend too? Halt!

It would be an accurate statement to say that my life has been pretty hectic lately, hence my sparse blog posts. I’m still alive, and trying to keep my head ahead above the waves without swallowing too much water. If you know me, you know that I need to be pretty busy to feel like I’m accomplishing something, but I am also guilty of overloading myself with waaaaay too many things. The great thing about being busy is that there is never a dull moment and life is exciting!!!

First, I’ll put up a couple photos from my awesome weekend outside Silverton. It was great to finally spend some quality time with the fam. It’s been about 5 months which is far too long! I also visited all the bike shops down in Durango. I love that place, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been there. I used to go to Durango all the time when I lived in ABQ and I miss it! Matt and Jeni took me out on a ride…. a ride with one gear. I had a blast riding a singlespeed!! It’s definitely a new part of my training plan… but it’s a pain to ride to and from the trail b/c you’re under geared!

thanks for the pics, Matt!

You have to hike your bike sometimes…. despite going back and saying, “I’m going to make it this time!” and then you don’t. Oh well.

and you stand up a lot. My arms were actually burning more than my legs! I better get that upper body in shape!

My dad and his friend both took some amazing photos camping. My camera is on its last legs and only takes a few pictures before it dies a horrible death. Here is what I was able to snap before it died. I’ll be getting my hands on some absolutely stunning photos over the next few weeks that I’ll post later.

The San Juan mountains are magical. They are my favorite. See why?

This one makes me instantly relax when I look at it.

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