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And then it was back to winter.

By February 22, 2010March 22nd, 20174 Comments

I got back from Tucson on Tuesday night. On Wed afternoon, the snow began to fall, but not before I squeaked in a ride. I was definitely still tired from the race, but able to get in a good workout.

I spent Thursday up at Loveland skiing!! It was one of the best days skiing I have ever had. I with my roommate, Brad, and my friend, Jason. Jason is an incredible skiier, so I basically had a private lesson all day and I saw major improvement thanks to him! I bet he was like, “OMG, she is so slow.” Particularly when I was standing on top of this run, looking down at it and not moving. I had to tell myself, “1.2.3. GO!…and GO!” I had reasons – it was a double black with basically zero visibility. Descending into a steep abyss!

I admittedly shied away from riding this weekend. It snowed nonstop. I could have gotten outside and ridden… but it wasn’t worth it to me to suffer through that. Plus, I had the luxury of knowing I was coming off a race which gave me ample recovery. I did supplement with cross training – yoga, running, and I tried something new – Crossfit. I am STILL sore…. This is where I went: Flatirons Crossfit. I think getting through that workout was harder than the 100 mile races I do! I went with a friend who frequents that place a lot, and was squeaked in. They don’t allow drop ins and you have to pay monthly for memberships (I need to see if this is the case with all gyms). With my travel and racing priorities, I couldn’t go enough to make it worth it, but if I could do the technique classes and go when I’m in town and don’t have a race, it’d be sooo awesome!!!! I’m definitely looking into this new painful addiction that has left me crippled! In fact, on the waiver, you’re supposed to circle your fitness level. Being a pro athlete, I circled 9 out of 1-10. During the workout, I felt like an idiot for circling that because I certainly don’t have olympic power lifting fitness. I was a shaking heap!

And then the best part of my weekend… It was a good reward… I spent tons of hours doing hw and school stuff because I am so behind (enrolled in 8 credits right now which is more than challenging with my schedule)… BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS!!!! I have seen Todd Mohr 3 times solo, but never the whole band b/c I’m always at a race. I think this year I may be able to catch them at Red Rocks too! They have been one of my all time favorite bands since I was 18.

They put on an INCREDIBLE show! I think they are even better live than on their recordings. I got progressively closer as the concert went on until I made it! I was front and center, standing at the feet of Todd Mohr.

Eye level…..

It was euphoric. When he raged his electric guitar solos, I’d stop, mouth agape in awe. Here are some pics. Watch out for the videos, some of the sounds are extremely distorted, but I wanted to get vid of his hands on that guitar!!!!

half decent sound. From their newer album.

First song I ever learned on guitar….. Resignation Superman.

Cover of Beast of Burden… kinda distorted, but cool.

This one has good sound.

Started back here…


No zoom…I was this close!!


Turn OFF the sound, but check out the vid.


I am a superfan. If you’ve never heard of these guys, check ’em out!

TODAY I am heading to Phoenix for work. There is 8-12 inches of snow blanketing the ground here in CO, so I’m very ecstatic to get out to warm weather and no snow. I’ll be doing a dealer tour with Bicycle Retailer and some other cool cats from the industry. Woohoo!


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