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Angel Flat Tire Fire

By May 29, 20072 Comments

Yes… I will give you the full report later, but it’s time for bed now. Read it and I will weep my friends. First I flatted with 15 minutes to go in the XC. I was in a solid 10th or 11th with at least a 6 minute gap on the next person. I only lost 2 spots, but those were 2 big spots I wanted to have.

Short track the next day. Start gun went off and I had a super start. Katie Compton was off the front instantly. Gretchen Reeves and I were shoulder to shoulder, so I let her have the second spot. I’d rather sit on her wheel. Downhill we went and I felt like I was going really fast, but staying smooth. I felt something wet on my leg and thought, “oh god I hope that isn’t my tire sealant.” then I heard the horrible sound of air whooshing out of my tire. Puncture, wouldn’t seal. That was it for the short track. I was feeling good and the field was such that I had a mere chance of getting the podium. Guess my streak is over for awhile…


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