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Larissa Connors might be the most stoked and energetic person you’ve ever seen.  Every photo I see of Larissa has her rocking her infectious grin. Seriously, google her and look at the images!  What puts that cheshire cat grin on her face?  Mountain biking.

Larissa is an ultra endurance mountain bike racer for Sho-Air cycling group and Felt bicycles. Larissa is rad- she has won every 100 miler she has ever raced including the Leadville 100.  On top off her stellar fitness, she is a full time high school Algebra teacher who gets an insane amount of riding in each month from an awesome bike commute and coaches the Laguna Beach Interscholastic mtb team.  She is addicted to pushing herself to ride further, higher and harder every minute of every day (much to her CTS coach’s dismay). She is racing 5 100 mile mountain bike races in a row (yeah, ever week!)  In addition to winning, Larissa‘s main goals in cycling are to make every day the best day possible, to inspire stoke, and to spread the gospel of mountain biking far and wide. If just one person finds the joy of sailing down a trail, over rocks and roots, in the woods on a Felt Edict, then her career will be deemed a success!

“What matters is that I focus on lifting others up, having a great time riding bikes, and spreading stoke.” – Larissa Connors

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Larissa’s background and her transition to endurance racing
  • What Larissa loves about being a teacher
  • How she deals with disappointment
  • What her hashtag #anotherbestday means to her
  • How she stays motivated
  • How much Larissa Connors trains (it’s crazy!)
  • Her one non-negotiable
  • Larissa Connors race strategy (and it worked to win Leadville 100!)

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