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"Are you okay?"

By February 8, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Today, it’s 5 degrees and snowing… I’m watching the branches of the bushes outside the kitchen window start to falter under the weight of the snow.  Fortunately, I planned my training such that today would be a rest day.  Yesterday, it was me who was having to work against the snow.  I headed up to Gold Hill again… yes, Gold Hill via Sunshine Canyon is one of my favorite climbs.

I had just ridden the same route on Saturday with the boyz, but the snow we got Saturday night changed things up a bit.  The snow was thick, the wind was howling, and the adventure lover in me simply could  not abort mission.

The first 2 of these pics, you’ve probably already seen via facebook or twitter, but they are the best!



This was pavement BEFORE the dirt! It’s like riding through slippery sand. Good workout! Attitude is everything.

With the wind and some of the drifts because of the wind, there was 6 inches of snow on the road in some spots with car tire tracks. I did my best to ride it, but inevitably I was pushing in a couple of short spots. I laughed… I was pushing my bike, in the snow, on a road with snow blasting against the side of my face, stinging my skin and I was somehow enjoying it.  The highlight of my ride was during on the short sections I had to get off and push.  A truck was coming down and they rolled down their window, looked at me very concerned and said, “ARE YOU OKAY?!”  I smiled at them and said that I was, thanks for stopping to check on me, and that I was stubborn and crazy.  The next few minutes I spent thinking, “hmmm, maybe I’m not okay… in the head!  It’s good to be looney.”


I had many layers in my backpack. For the cruise down, I was wearing 4 layers on my torso, 2 on my feet, 2 on my legs(leg warmers/shorts with tights over it)… the only thing that kills me is my hands. I own a bunch of cycling gloves and none are ever warm enough. I have an invention in mind… maybe one day I’ll make them.

Fat tires good, but….

photo (1)
Conti studded snow tires… BETTER! I can’t wait to try these babies out. I’ve never even had studded snow tires on my car! ha! Meet the Spike Claw!

My last post, I put up a recipe for a healthy snack for rides!  I’ve been obsessed with this as a little dessert.YUMMMMY

Current flavor obsession:
Almonds & Sea Salt-large

Other flavor obsessions:
Raspberries in Dark Chocolate

Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate

Thank you, Chocolove, for making great treats. xoxo.

Chocolate doesn’t count as dessert as long as you only eat a couple pieces, right?

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