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Pregnancy and motherhood looks different for everyone, but in this week’s podcast episode I have a chat with fellow new cyclist mother, Laura King about our pregnancies and post-partum life.  We talked about topics you may not be accustomed to hearing about like miscarriage, pelvic floor health after birth and also maybe more familiar topics like what it’s like to ride during pregnancy, how we are maintaining our identities, and more!

A quick bit about Laura King:

Laura’s background in competitive swimming led to 12 years competing in triathlon, including the Ironman World Championships and earning a pro license. An invitation to USA Cycling’s Talent ID Camp and a simultaneous job offer for a major industry position presented a fork in the road, and her decision to take the industry position and pursue racing as a passion provided the right balance of career and sport. Nonetheless, her credibility as a competitor has served her well in a successful career of over a decade in Sales and Marketing in the outdoor industry. A brief Xterra Triathlon stint revealed a love of the dirt, and a mountain biker/gravel racer was born. Though she still races in the pro/elite field, her heart is in getting more girls and women on bikes, the camaraderie, the satisfaction of a huge effort, and the corollary travel and experiences. It’s also how she met her favorite wheel—her husband, professional cyclist Ted King, with whom she is currently spearheading Rooted Vermont.

This podcast is supported by Wahoo Fitness who have been a great partner during my journey as a pregnant athlete and new mom!


Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Mitigating risk when riding while pregnant
  • Laura’s experience with fertility
  • Discussion on knowing how much riding is safe
  • Sonya and Laura on miscarriage
  • Post-Partum life and return to training
  • Dealing with fear and uncertainty
  • Stereotypes
  • Reframing other’s negative lens with new parenthood

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