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Attack of myspace man.

By February 24, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

By now you should be well aquainted with my female roommate, Liz. and if not, you should because her blog is awesome (see link on the side) and her witty yet sarcastic comments.

Enter Brent, my male roommate. aka the entertainment of the house. I call him myspace man. Why do I call him myspace man do you ask? Well, when I first moved in he was sitting at the kitchen table. Suddenly he pulls out this huge binder. “What’s that?” I ask. I open it and it is pages of printouts…specifically print-outs of myspace profiles of these somewhat skanky girls along with pages of conversations he has had with them, and their phone numbers written in hilighter. These are all girls/women that he has either slept with or plans to sleep with, ranging from ages 17-40.

He got a girlfriend for awhile, see

  • Liz’s blog
  • for the story with this. All this happened right outside my door. I felt like I was at an episode of Jerry Springer.

    but now they are broken up, he is out on the prowl again, so ladies, if interested, feel free to contact me. So here is the story..I had to give you a background. (oh, and his

  • myspace profile
  • I have heavily been procrastinating doing my homework today including 2 hours of guitar, obvious blogging, and making cookies. I came out to the kitchen. On the table I saw printouts and knew myspace man was about to strike again. For example:

    Anyway, meet my roommate Brent, 35, single, likes to snowboard.

    Note the pages he is clutching with pleasure…those are some of the pages from above. Brent showed how he was back in the game by showing Liz and I a video on his phone…of 2 18 year old girls in bras wrestling or something. All you can hear is his boisterous cackle in the background and some talk about taking it. Pimp, right?

    Followed by his phone going crazy with text messages asking what he’s doing tonight. He said, “riding you.” but I had to correct him and say, “you mean, riding me.” On the line-up for tonight is an 18 year old, 32 yr old JoJo, 36 yr old, and some other one I can’t remember. He even talked on the phone with speaker on for our pure entertainment..and it was. Add in sexual comments every day. Intermittently Then he mentioned how he wants a tattoo on his thing-a-ma-bob. And moments later, he started throwing magazines very ecstatically saying he’s gotta get his shit ready for tonight, then he retired downstairs to his quarters.

    And now he just came upstairs, took one look at me, and went “yeaaah. and then asks for advice on what casual dress is.”

    Yeah! GIT IT!!

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