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Au revoir!

By January 29, 20133 Comments

I’m off to MTB Ayiti super early in the morning!  I can’t wait!

I have to be up in 5.5 hours to catch the bus to the airport, so I have to keep this short.  I’ve been a lot of things over the past few days – scared, excited, anxious, excited, stunned about the idea of going to Haiti.  I’ve also had the pleasure of spending the last two days with Don Bowie doing some filming for a documentary and some fun episodes for his network that’ll come out in a few months.

I am not sure what my contact will be like when I’m over there, but if you want to follow the race, try here:

MTB Ayiti Facebook

My facebook

My Twitter

I get back Feb 3…hopefully unscathed, healthy, and with a ton of great stories and photos for you!  Off we go!


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