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Avery Beer tastes good.

By January 29, 2009March 22nd, 20178 Comments

This is a recovery week for me. Time to recharge the legs from the efforts of Camp Lynda. I went for a 45 minutes spin yesterday, and of course it was “cold.” I have cold in quotes because those in the midwest would consider it balmy. I am pleased to say that my recovery time from long rides has decreased considerably thanks to the long base miles ordered by Rick da man. I actually felt pretty good on the bike yesterday, and promptly told myself to go home and save it.

So what am I doing since I don’t have to train 20 hours this week? Enjoying Happy Hour with friends. I am so lucky to live in the mecca of breweries.

My friend Kris and I went to my favorite Boulder Brewery – Avery yesterday. SRE now has 2 offices, but the office I used to work in was located 3 doors down from Avery so I know all the brewers and employees well. It’s always a fun party to go to Avery. It had been awhile for me since I had been in the tasting room. I was happy to see it has increased in size, there is new merchandise, and they are ramping up their cycling advocacy. For example, they are members of the BMA and also have a Saturday group ride. You must do a beer bong at the start, and a keg stand at the finish. Just kidding!

The beauty of the tap room is that you get to try beers that are not sent out for production. The most interesting beer I tried was called “Billies Brown Berries.” I know that sounds kind of bad, at least in my crude mind, but it was interesting. I am not a huge fan of hefeweisen, and usually those types of beers are the fruity ones. Too sweet for my taste. However, this beer was balanced with the Belgian sour style beer to balance out the sweet. What do you have? A relatively dark (a brown ale) beer with a hint of raspberry, a hint of the sour Belgie type beer, and also the brown ale flavor.

My favorite, however, are the hoppy beers. If I am not drinking IPA, I usually reach for a porter.  (YOU CAN CLICK ON ALL IMAGES TO GET THE 411 ON EACH BEER!)

The beauty of Avery’s porter is that the seasonal New World Porter has a hoppy flare to it. It is also Dry Hopped.

I also, by default, enjoyed the

and what would you know? They also had a dry hopped version. Amen to that!

I am excited for February because 1) I get to go to 24 Hours of Old Pueblo and race with Jeff, Yuki, and Dave on a 4 man team, but also Avery is having their Maharaja Release Party.

This is on the very top of my list of favorite IPAs. And it’s imperial or Double.

Stone Brewery also makes damn good IPA.

Anyway, that’s enough time geeking about beer. I apologize for the lack of pictures. In my excited beer anticipation state, I forgot my camera.


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