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Aw politics….

By January 27, 20083 Comments

Well, I guess democrat is where it’s at for me. Crazy liberals. 😉

78% Bill Richardson
74% John Edwards
73% Barack Obama
73% Mike Gravel
72% Hillary Clinton
71% Chris Dodd
71% Dennis Kucinich
69% Joe Biden
48% Rudy Giuliani
45% John McCain
40% Mike Huckabee
36% Mitt Romney
31% Ron Paul
29% Tom Tancredo
29% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Funny that I got Bill R as my number 1 since he is the governor of my homeland, New Mexico.


  • guy says:

    First time the result suggested I should be voting for Al Gore’s Polar Bear Commie Peace Collective.A very liberal result. second time I answered every q.the same except one.Second time I said I didn’t believe in universal health care (which being English means I cannot imagine a society without it).That result suggested I wanted to hang people for shoplifting,nuke the Middle East & invade France.Very Republican. Quite interesting! In both questions I let you keep your right to bear arms. Tony Blair has wrecked my country over the last ten years, so feel free to shoot the b******d next time he is over there!!

  • Jame says:

    I hit 93% for Obama. And my highest republican was somewhere around 35%.

    Guess I’m a bit of a liberal.

  • guy says:

    I’d vote Tom Hanks if he ran (well he did in Forrest Gump!) as he supports the same football team as me…Aston Villa!
    Thought I’d share that with you!

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