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Back at it!

By March 18, 2010March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Well, I finally am going to be able to ride more than two times in a week!  Good thing too, but I have a 60 mile mountain bike race (The Ouachita Challenge) next weekend.  I’m feeling a little down because I know that over the past couple months, all the travel has made it incredibly hard to be consistent with the bike. Translation: I AM OUT OF SHAPE!  I can tell on all my rides… so my goal this spring is to not be down on myself.  My season goes through October, and coming into the season sans fitness means I’ll have to race my butt into shape.  My trips are also going to become more conducive to riding because they’ll be for races, and I’ll have my sweet little Rotwild with me.

Spring days are becoming more frequent, but peppered with snowy days.  Friday and Saturday will be two of those days, but I am starting to see green grass!



I even got to flirt with some singletrack yesterday!

I said this on facebook, and I’ll say it again. The feeling I get riding singletrack is the same feeling I get when I’m in love. Giddy, about to burst, excited, giggling, smiling, pure happiness. What could be better? I’ll tell you what could be better – when the high alpine singletrack melts!

The newest bike porn I have for you is my NEW DT Swiss wheels!!!!! The word on the street from DT Swiss is that the carbon wheels are actually stronger and even more crack resistant. We’ll see… I’m stoked.

Here is my set up for the Ouachita. Continental Mountain King 2.2s – my tire of choice, and of course Stan’s! Riding tubeless is one of the best improvements to mountain biking. I would be very sad if I had to go without.




THANK YOU DT SWISS!!!!! I am really really loving the change in the time. It seems like I suddenly have a lot more free time and am not rushing to get out the door every single day. Speaking of, my stallion awaits me!

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