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Back at it

By April 9, 2009March 22nd, 20174 Comments

Recovery rides are over and my training has resumed after a few days of down time after the Ouachita. Rick da man had me doing some LT work today to get the machine back up and running again. When I have to do intervals, I usually do my workouts in the morning instead of after work so I am fresh and sharp instead of loopy and out of it.

Lefthand Canyon was where I headed today. The air was crisp and clean from the lingering mist and rain clouds from the evening before.

I was a bit surprised that I was able to go hard (and of course, slobber all over myself), but by the second 10 minute interval, my mojo was gone and I was definitely feeling some left-over fatigue.

This canyon rocks b/c you go from 5200ish ft to 9600′ at the top. I just rode to about 7000′ today. Good ‘ol altitude. I look forward to riding on top of some big mountains in a couple months – above treeline where the air is thin, the tundra is bare, and all you see is epic views.

Speaking of epic views, this was a good day awhile back:

I love this time of year when all the berries are plentiful and on sale. One of my favorite snacks… I just wish I had a truckload of blueberries and a motorcycle sidecar of raspberries to go with it.

Dinner the other night. I somehow could only eat half of it too. Usually I can put that away like pacman!

Tomorrow is going to be a half day at work, and then a 4 hour ride at endurance race effort. I need to work on my pacing….


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