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Back in Action

By February 6, 2009March 22nd, 2017No Comments

On Thursday, I left the house with the same mindset as the last two days.  Ride easy, test the waters, and see if my body is recovered from whatever flu-like germ beast was leeching onto me.  I was feeling fatigued sitting at work, so I expected to see the same thing – low heart rate, high effort, and fast loading of lactic acid with any type of effort.  Much to my surprise and delight, my HR was happily ticking in zone 2 with little effort.  That’s how it’s supposed to be.  Finally… after 6 days of basically putting a hold on training, I was able to go again.

It might have been smart to ride easy for one more day to be safe, but it was 65F outside and I HAD to go ride up a canyon. I chose 4 mile Canyon because it’s pretty mellow and generally, pretty warm.  My body was begging me to push a little bit, so I did some low zone 4 efforts.

I could feel the sun warm my skin today.  This is the Boulder Creek Path further up the canyon. It turns to dirt for awhile.

Still icy sections on the dirt path to remind you it’s still winter.

Chasing fellow New Mexican, Adam Hoppe Sloth Sloppe up 4 Mile Canyon


I rode to the pavement change and resisted all urges to ride to Gold Hill, flipped it, and headed downhill.  Then I saw Poorman Rd, and I love adding Poorman to the end of a ride and pinning it.  It’s not long, perhaps 1 to 1.5 miles of climbing.  PIN IT YOU MUPPET!

Blazing down Sunshine Canyon.  This is my favorite canyon to ride up in the spring/summer.  That mountain is the back of the Flatirons


I could not resist… I found this in a box in my room.  TP for my bunghole, and it has hearts on it.  Perfect for this time of year, although I am not a big celebrater of V-day.  I figure some TP is acceptable. 🙂

I hope that today when I go out to ride, my body is still feeling good and has not relapsed back to its previous sluggish state.  I am feeling positive!!!

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