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Back in action

By May 14, 2008March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Well, sorta! After basically taking 10 days off the bike (ok, I did a teeny bit of riding in there), I attempted to go out and train today. I could actually get my HR above my LT which is a very good sign considering at the Gila, I was riding 30 beats BELOW my LT at max effort. I still didn’t feel awesome today, but some of that is probably due to being ultra stale. I’ll know tomorrow when I hit the trail again. It was really tough to take time off the bike. My body needed it, but it’s hard for my brain to handle. I’m used to getting those beautiful chemicals you get from going hard (serotonin and dopamine I think….) so I was actually feeling pretty depressed in general(which I tend to hide pretty well). I am back though. Back to happy, endorphinated Sonya. 😉

I think of funny things a lot, probably stuff not everyone finds funny, but I am generally self-amused and crack myself up a lot. I guess that’s good? Anyway, I was laughing today b/c I after I bombed down the Betasso connector, I realized that my bike was doing most of the work. The combo of my Cannondale Scalpel and my Ergon grips is super killer. I had a status message up on my gmail chat today saying, “My bike whispered to me today, hold on to me if you wanna fly…” and fly it does, I’m just hanging on for dear life. You just have to point that wheel downhill, stay loose, and let ‘er roll.

I want to give a huge shout out to my mechanic, Eric. I was a royal pain in his butt, and he was awesome and shipped my bike back to me in Boulder (I made a decision to leave it on the truck in CA and I was really missing my sweet baby) so he shipped it back. I have never seen such mad packing skills. In fact, I was sooo impressed I took pictures. I will be trying to copy the master next time I have to pack a bike.

Listen up ladies, he isn’t this orange in real life, and he works with his hands. Hey-O!

I pretty much like anything that says Cannondale on it, even boxes.

Top down view, if you will

Mad zip tie and foam packing action.

No racing again this weekend. That’s 2 weekends off. It was very weird last weekend to actually be home. I haven’t been home on the weekend in like 5 or 6 weeks. I didn’t really know what to do with myself since I wasn’t riding either. This weekend, I’m going to Dallas- I’m the maid of honor in my cousin’s wedding, and the Looneys know how to party so it will definitely be a fun time. Then it’s hammer time- Angel Fire MSC. I am ultra excited because FINALLY! High altitude, climbing, and rocks. I love it. No more of the flat sea level BS.

Now I owe you some pictures so here we go.

I snuck out just for a short, easy ride at Marshall Mesa (shhh…I went easy) on Saturday because I couldn’t stand it any longer. The last time I rode in Boulder, it was winter. It is officially spring, and we are getting a lot of spring showers.

I stole this “view” from Ergon’s Jeff Kerkove His site is pretty rad if you ask me.


Some chick in a SoBe kit.

I went to see Sean at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine yesterday to get my bike fit tweaked. I was having some back pain, so Sean told me to put a longer stem on my bike. I called up my heroes at Cannondale, talked to Matty J and Sam. I’m sooo lucky to have such a good crew to take care of me. In fact, this is Mr. Sam Dodge. I have never officially met him in person, but he looks like a sweet “actor” from the 70s in this picture. Very nice. Rockin’ the sweet stache and charging for rides!

I will not be updating at the wedding this weekend, but there will be photos after if I don’t have entirely too much fun at the reception and forget to take pics.  The open bar may be my demise….

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