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Back in da Querque

By January 5, 2006One Comment

I just got back this afternoon from the land of the Bush. Although the plane ride was a mere 1.5 hours, I was anxious to get back, see my family and boyfriend, and get back on the bike!! Last night was my uncle’s bday and we got sushi. MMMM. We also had champagne when he was opening presents. yeehaww! I did a short 2 hour ride today and man, my legs were definitely feeling all the junkfood and booze! I was welcomed home with a tray of baklava. Yeeeahhh! Now it’s back to riding and chilling. I am reallly dreading going back to Boulder on Thursday. NOOOOOO!!!!! At least after this semester(if I pass), I’ll have 2/3 of my M.S. all done. I can’t wait! Well, just wanted to say howdy to my peeps. Later.

One Comment

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