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Back in the Game

By December 27, 2010March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Week 1 of training after my little off-season break was a little rough. I felt like I was way out of shape, but then came to realize I was just way stale in the legs and mind. After working through it for a week, I’m rejuvenated. The zest for riding and the desire to look forward to 2011, start planning my season, and setting some new goals has returned.

I am back in Albuquerque for the holidays. Usually, it’s so wonderful to come down to NM and get away from the cold and snow in Colorado. This year, we have barely had any snow in Boulder which is different from previous years so I’m not appreciating the slightly warmer temps in ABQ this winter compared to previous years, but certainly not taking it for granted. I think the winter road riding here has a lot more to offer than Boulder, and you can usually get on the trails!

Mom and Dad always make me feel special when I come home.




The Sandias



I post lots of pictures of the trail because it is what I love.  I’ve been riding the road a lot more, and I’ll have to continue to do that for awhile because the workout is a lot different from mountain biking, and it’s very necessary for sustained power output.

So far, this holiday week has been pleasantly busy. Between training, shop visits, and seeing friends and family, I’ve been on the move. So much so that I had to actually set time aside to update the blog! I’m behind on my Elevation Outdoors blog too, but I will be getting back to that soon too. Right now I’m struggling for fresh content.

Anna, Jessica, and I taking our annual photo.

I am very happy with how my training is going so far (all 2 weeks of it so far). Due to ‘cross the the Claro Brasil Ride, I’m coming into the 2011 training season with some extra fitness (even after taking 3 weeks off!) I fired up the power tap again just for fun. I used it for a couple weeks last year, and comparatively, my zone 2 power is up 20W which is a lot! Super. I’m only up to 3 hour rides, but I’m finishing each day strong and starting the next day decently recovered. I’m also making sure I am keeping up with my cross-training and alternating running and yoga in addition to riding…and NOT forgetting to take rest days. I feel very positive about the upcoming year, excited about the new possibilities, surprises, and curious about the disappointment and frustration I’ll have to get through.  I also am relearning discipline.  Sometimes simply getting out the door is the hardest part.  The more you blow things off, the easier it is to blow things off the next time.

Since I missed out on posting in Boulder last week, I have a few more things to add:

I’m still enjoying the sunrises. Here are a few different amazing mornings.


Sunrise 12/1/2010

Sunrise 11/28/2010
I’m hoping to make sunrise runs a habit…however – since we are past the solstice, it’ll get increasingly more difficult!

And from a couple rides last week. I’m always ready to capture the moment.



I can’t imagine what it would be like to spend most of my time indoors(meaning never participating in anything related to nature). You would miss out on so much beauty in the world. It makes me wonder what other things I’m missing out on.

2010 has been a great year in my life.  Stay tuned, I’ll start working on my best of 2010.  If you want to take a blast from the past, click on best and worst of

2009 and

2008.  Wow, I’ve come a long way in 2 years. Brings a tear to the eye.  (God I’ve gotten so mushy in my late 20s. haha) I wonder where I’ll be in 2 years?

I did a photo recap of 2009 on my blog last year too.  I think I’ll be doing that too!

I’m trading my ride for a long trail run today.  I can’t wait.  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.  Take an extra second to really appreciate those close to your heart.

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