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Back in the game

By January 18, 2012March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I’m healthy and spunky again! I’ve been training really hard for the Yak Attack with the big workouts coming on the weekends. I’m hitting the gym pretty hard during the week, going to yoga 4-5 times a week, and riding. You’d think I’d be exhausted, but I am feeling really strong! Jason is keeping things balanced for me.

On Saturday, Jeff and I headed to Leadville in search of some high altitude riding and hike-a-bike in the snow. We headed toward Mosquito Pass that sits at 13,185′. The road is not plowed after a certain point and we continued on foot until we ran out of time. Here is a video Jeff made!


2012 Yak-Attack altitude training from ergon on Vimeo.

And a few quick clips I took.





Pushing and carrying a bike through the snow is harder than it looks. For one of the stages of the Yak Attack, I’ll have to do it for 4-5 hours pushing up to almost 18,000′. Yikes!!!!

The day is best summed up in photos.  I’m lucky to have a training partner who is up for anything.


Sure, it looks crazy.  Some might think it looks miserable.  You just do it without judgement of what you’re doing in your mind. If you don’t think it sucks, then it doesn’t.  In fact, it was actually pretty fun!!!!!





I had some gortex trail running shoes in my pack, but I chose not to use them.  I’m trying to decide if I want to bring shoes with me for the Yak Attack to use only in the days with a lot of hiking.  I’m leaning towards YES.  Then the question follows – do I bring waterproof ultralight trail shoes, or do I bring hiking boots that will be warmer with ankle support?



Snow dingleberries!   The booties I currently use get pushed up over the toes when I walk. My feet got soaked and frozen. I know that booties aren’t made for walking, but I have a different kind on the way to try.


After about a 3 hour adventure in Leadville and some espresso, we headed down the highway to Copper Mountain Resort for the snow bike race.  Weekend report to be continued….

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