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As I imagined, my “recovery” week didn’t work out quite the way I had planned. I dove straight into my training when I got back.. I eased into the riding aspect of things the first couple days of the week, but also got back in the gym and yoga. Unfortunately, none of my bike workouts were “working out” for me! Each day would be the same… I felt tired, lacking power, lacking any sort of go power. Instead of judging myself and getting overly frustrated with my dead legs, I managed to be patient which was a big psychological gain for me.

I even managed to get on some short dirt rides. One in Fort Collins and one in Boulder. There wasn’t a lot of dry dirt to be had, but I enjoyed every minute of the chunky rock. Better some than none!  I kept my rides short and at an easier pace.

So fun!

Insert fast sounding sound effect. Sssshhhheeerroooooo!

A ride with my buddy in Ft Collins…

I tried a couple times to get my legs going during the week to no avail.  Finally, my body was ready to let me push a little bit on Sunday, so I met a fast group of guys.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but it was motivation to keep going and maybe to push more than I would if I was alone.

Here are a couple pics from the ride yesterday.

We had a group of 13 rolling out of town. A ton of the fast boy contingent from the Front Range and one lone girl… I hung as long as I could and definitely go some race pace in. The group split in two and I spent the first half of the ride dangling off the back.

It was chilly.

Climbing training - Boulder
(Jeff’s photo, obviously) Our grip had split and gone in two directions. I hung with the boys for a little bit, but upon detonation, I made an explosion sound and told them I’d see them later. I should have ridden my road bike, but I think I win the award for fattest tires and heaviest backpack…and best training benefit, well…maybe! The rest of my ride I spent alone.

It was nice! 5 hours, 8000-8500′ of climbing (I don’t have the exact number b/c my heart rate monitor ran out of batteries), snow, and a cookie from the store at Ward… and attempted yoga with shaky legs later that night.

The weather has gone downhill for the week until I leave for Seattle on Wednesday… so I’m back to yoga, the gym, and either the trainer or braving the cold tomorrow.  I can’t believe race season is so close. I don’t feel ready!!!  Between my crazy work travel schedule this spring, flaky weather, bike training, and cross training, I’m just trying to maintain a balance; not only with my training, but with people in my life.

But for now….


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