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Battle the Bear report and photos

By May 23, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

A few notes…

This race was nice because it was local. We did 5 laps. I lined up in the front row, but felt insecure about being there! I was happy to place where I did because at least now I feel like I deserve to be in the front row. It’s not my favorite type of mountain bike course because it was so flat! There were two very short hill sections. That was my only hope of putting time into people because I don’t like the flats! Flats are hard because there is no place to recover. You have to constantly be pedaling unlike a hilly course where you get a long downhill section. I would actually force myself to sing a song out loud (a Son Volt song) on the flats to keep myself from blowing up. I blew up the first lap trying to attack and lost a spot, and I didn’t want it to happen again. I was happy that I was pretty consistent with my lap times. Hopefully I can keep up my podium streak! 🙂

Podium shot!

It’s funny, this photo was actually taken of me on my warm-up lap, hence the ipod. 😉

I like this photo a lot. Downhill section! there was a sneaky turn on this part that I almost missed a few times. I was borderline crashing grabbing rear brake to whip the back end around. FUN!

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