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Battle the Bear XC tomorrow morning

By May 19, 2007No Comments

I’ve enjoyed a relaxing week this week. I went and rode the Betasso connector this morning and am happy to report that I didn’t feel like fainting. I don’t know what was up with that last week, but I am doing much better. yesss

Tomorrow morning is a local race in Lakewood. I am not looking forward to getting at 6 AM to eat breakfast tomorrow (you have to eat 3 hours before your race to avoid digestion issues). I am happy to not have to travel very far to the race, just a 35 minute drive. From what I hear, the field will be pretty challenging tomorrow. However, my legs felt good today during my opener ride, so wish me luck! 🙂

I’m headed to ABQ on Monday to finally spend some quality time at home. It seems like every time I go home, it’s a mad rush to train, see everyone, and drive home. I may actually get bored this time. I am looking forward to paying Sportz Outdoor a visit too. 🙂 I’m staying in ABQ till Saturday, and then I’ll go to Angel Fire, NM for the second mountain states cup. yaaay!! I love that race. Then I have to come home and work like a normal person. Damn, and I’m just getting used to vacation mode.

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