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Beautiful Evening in Nederland

By July 2, 2009March 22nd, 201711 Comments

That was last night… followed by an apocalyptic thunderstorm. Fortunately I was hope by then. This week has been a taper week/super busy week at work (seems to be the norm now). I am finding that maybe I went a little too hard with the boys last weekend. I was excited to have the fitness to be able to keep up, but I had to go pretty hard on Sat and Sun last week. I’m hoping I recover just in time for Marathon Nationals on Saturday!!!

Tuesday, I took the new hard tail (i.e. crotch rocket) out to putz around Marshall Mesa for a little bit. The hot sun actually felt good and my skin thankfully soaked in the extra humidity in the air. Last night, I rode with my friend, Mark, and his friends. They do a fun group ride once a week in the summer, and I decided to go. I definitely wanted to ride my HT on some rocky trails again before making the questionable decision to race it on Saturday.

The ride was great and different from what I’m used to. Just by association, I usually end up riding with pro guys, racers, or former racers… which while all mountain bikers just love to ride, is a slightly different scene from people who ride purely for recreation. Oddly enough, it has been awhile since I did not ride with “racers.” I got out of the car and I felt actually sheepish with what I was wearing. Dave Wiens sometimes says he doesn’t like to wear his kit out riding, and I never quite understood that until last night. Everyone was relaxed in baggies, very comfortable positions on their bikes, hydration packs (all super awesome)… and there I was… in my Euro looking lime green kit with a matching helmet, matching bike, name on the bike, and a super aggressive position. I love wearing my kit and I love my bikes, but I was worried I’d make others feel uncomfortable and was afraid that the people I didn’t know would think of me as some asshole pro showing up on their ride. The only thing that redeemed me was my busted ass Nissan Sentra that I drive to get to the TH, and was the only one without an actual bike rack. πŸ™‚ It’s definitely my own insecurity, mainly because I once was a recreational rider who was intimidated by racers (and still am sometimes at the start line, admittedly!) It ended up being just fine and I was accepted into the group, and we got a fun 2 hours in together. I will definitely be back to ride with those guys too! My point is that what I love about mountain biking is that we can all just go for a ride. I am not sure this is true, but it just feels different than if the situation were reversed and it were a road ride. I guess the first deal is that most roadies don’t wear baggies. πŸ™‚

My camera is starting to die…it’s been to the last ring of Dante’s Inferno and back on my rides, so the photo quality suffered a bit, but here is a photo recap:

Blurry, but kinda cool.

Mark coming out of the trees.

P7017789 Mark again!

I had to stop and capture this moment. It’s nights like these where you are happy to be alive and on two wheels.

What a freaking night… we rode till the sun started to go down.

Don’t stop, get it, get it!

So we rode the hobbit trails a couple times, and some of the other West Mag trails. I’m pretty happy that I am feeling much more comfortable on my hard tail. Not as comfortable as my FS bike, but I will get there. Race 50 miles in Breckenridge on it, and I’ll be either one with the bike, or a bloody, sweating heap. πŸ™‚


This is one of the wettest summers i have ever experienced… things are STILL green here. Wow. Welcome to the jungle.

Gettin’ dark!

You may have noticed that yesterday was Wednesday, and the past 2 weeks I had done short track. This time, I skipped it because I’m kind of tired from the weekend and didn’t want to do more damage. I still had my spirit though and rocked the Wed night socks. I may change the title from “short track socks” to “wed socks” πŸ™‚ Jeff got them at Interbike from the Sock Guy. He knows them and gets some secret awesome socks…which I steal and wear. πŸ™‚ I have some great ideas for socks… maybe I should pitch them and be their sock person!! Here they are for the week:


I am heading up to Breckenridge today and looking forward to it. I am also sort of wishing I was racing the Breck Epic as sick as that sounds…. πŸ™‚


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