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Beer Review: Odell’s Mountain Standard Double Black IPA

By December 9, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Odell Mountain Standard Reserve is a Double Black IPA available in the winter-early spring. I love IPA, and I also love beers that I can’t see through so I thought this would be a perfect combination to try. I also love a lot of beers by Odell Brewing! One of my favorite tidbits about this beer is that some of the hops in the beer are grown on the western slopes of Colorado. If I was really badass, I would be able to discern different types of hops used in beer. I am not there yet, at least not by name!

First, what the heck IS a Black IPA? The color of the beer is from the dark malted barley, much like the barley used in my favorite dark counterparts – porters and stouts. What makes it Double? Double IPAs are hoppier with more malt, MORE hops, and a higher ABV. Double IPA or Imperial IPAs are music to my mouth. If you want to try a Double IPA (instead of Double Black IPA, try the Myrcenary by Odell since we are talking about Odell here) It probably makes my top list of top 10 favorite DIPAs! Surprising to some, double IPAs are often sweeter than an IPA. I’m also loving Great Divide’s Hercules Double IPA. Stone Ruination, Avery Maharaja, Pliny the Elder, and DogfishHead 90 Minute are also good options! I digress…

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.12.37 AM

Here are my tasting notes.

Overall grade: A

Nose:  Pine, orange

Taste: The hoppy bite comes right away with a smooth, malty finish and very little lingering bitterness.  The roasted malt offers a great balance.  If someone were to ask me if this was a DOUBLE IPA, I would likely not guess that straight off the bat.  By the time you finish the pint, the thought crossed my mind.  The nose makes the beer smell a lot hoppier than it actually is.  There are also some orange peel notes.

It comes in a 4 pack and is 9.5%… it would be easy to get into trouble with this beer!

photo (1)

Another Black IPA I like is Deschutes Hop in the Dark(what can I say, I like pine!)

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